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Market Intelligence Services

Deep dive market analysis to support data-driven strategic decisions.

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Our Services

This is how we navigate you through the ocean of data.

Market Exploration

  • Customer identification
  • Market sizing
  • Identification of market trends
  • Market potential analysis
  • Strategic recommendations

Competitor Mapping

  • Competition landscape scanning
  • Key players identification
  • Deep dive - focus on key aspects
    of your competition business, product analysis, competitive USP and much more
  • Innovation and trends identification

Market Research

  • Partners, clients background check
  • Regions potential comparison
  • Industry trends and innovation
  • Key risk factors

Custom Research

If we didn’t meet your expectations let us know, we would be happy to define scope of research based on your needs and requirements.

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"We’ve chosen DiveInData because of the high-quality data capture mixed with valuable and easy to consume insights. Impressed with their analytics capabilities as well as excellent professional services. Always happy to work with them again."

Michal Sadowski, CEO at

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How it works

We have an agile approach. Instead of long and boring reports we focus on delivering value and supporting your business growth.

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Why us

We dive into your market with:

Professional team


Business point of view


Tech stack




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What our clients say:

The quality of our work is confirmed by positive customer feedback.

"DiveInData helped us to identify potential clients. They provide regular updates on their work and are available when needed, we really appreciate it! If you need meticulous and comprehensive market research services, we can recommend DiveinData as your go-to partner!"

Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana, Business Development Director at

“We were looking for a reliable partner to provide high-quality, in-depth market analysis services for our VC portfolio companies. Cooperation with DiveInData turned out to be the right choice. Our companies received valuable market data, plus in-depth knowledge about the competition and individually prepared recommendations. Endorse DID services to all companies wondering how to continue maintaining a high pace of growth."

Jakub Sitarz, CEO at
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How it works

We have an agile approach. Instead of long and boring reports we focus on delivering value and supporting your business growth.

  • 1. Setup a call
    we need to understand your business, needs and requirements,
  • 2. Prepare proposal
    based on your expectations we define project scope and prepare proposal
  • 3. Accept proposal
    we can discuss some adjustments and accept final project scope
  • 4. Research time
    during that process we update you once a week to be sure that project is going in right direction
  • 5. Report presentation
    it’s time to present our research and share recommendations and conclusion
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