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About us

Our story

The idea behind DiveInData came from Rafał, who is a manager with many years of experience working for Venture INC - a VC investment fund. He noticed that many of the companies with which he was working had failed to thoroughly research their own markets.

Focusing on product development, they often did not have the time or the tools needed to conduct a comprehensive market analysis, understand the needs of their customers or examine the strategies that their competitors used. Observing all of this, his initial ideas began to grow and take root.

Meanwhile, Tomasz and Natalia also joined the fund and began working with Rafał. Throughout their daily responsibilities, analyzing potential investment opportunities together, they also confirmed what Rafał saw: they noticed a lack of companies on the market that comprehensively addressed the need for in-depth market analysis. In an effort to fill this gap, Natalia, Tomasz and Rafal established DiveInData.


Our mission is to identify key insights for our clients within the massive ocean of data.

We take an agile approach. Instead of providing our clients with long and boring reports, we focus on delivering value and supporting their business growth. We look for value within a dense sea of ​​information and present it in an easily accessible format - through customized reports that support strategic decisions based on market data, not just gut feelings. We turn data into knowledge. By supporting company founders and management as thought partners in the process of building their business, we build long-term relationships based on trust and delivering real value for the client.

Our team

Natalia Kuźma

CEO, Co-Founder

Natalia can quickly enter new areas of business, connect the dots between various pieces of data and draw valuable conclusions. Using these skills, she is able to quickly break down challenges for her clients and find answers to key questions. Natalia has delivered multiple projects in new technology spaces, such as AI, HealthTech, Cybersecurity, and MarTech. Experienced in market research, conducting in-depth interviews, and product validation, she has worked at a consulting company, a MarTech startup, and the VC industry. Natalia is also the founder of PoprawMy, a project focused on the reduced-waste movement and sustainability.

Tomasz Kryda

Co-Founder, Head of Research

Tomek is a born analyst. He keeps digging until he discovers reliable information and can easily find his way within the densest sea of information. Working with him, you can be sure that you will only get reliable and verified data. An analyst with over ten years of experience in market research, competitive analysis, and strategic consulting, he has worked in renowned international corporations such as consulting firm McKinsey & Company, FMCG chain AmRest (PizzaHut brand), and research agency Euromonitor International. Tomek also has experience in the public sector (project advisor at Wrocław University of Technology) and the VC industry (analyst at Venture, INC). He graduated with honors from the University of Wrocław, majoring in international relations.

Rafał Sobczak

Co-Founder, Board Member

Rafał's business experience allows him to easily step into his clients' shoes, make relevant hypotheses and set projects on the right track. He makes sure that each analysis is of real value for our clients. Rafal started his career as a data analyst at McKinsey&Company and then moved to Venture Capital as an analyst for Venture INC. During the last six years, he has taken on multiple roles from that of analyst to Board Member, taken part in or led three IPOs, and was also involved in deals with Infermedica, Brand24, Sundose, Exit Plan Games, and TimeCamp.

Jakub Kunicki

Co-Founder, COO

Jakub has a wide range of experience. He is able to look at a problem from many different perspectives and can always find a way out of any situation. Not only that, but he knows exactly where to find and how to deliver real business value. Jakub started his career in finance, and then he built a business incubator worth more than USD 3 MLN from scratch. He has managed many projects in community building, office and coworking rentals, and a wide range of business support and development activities. He has also continued his career as a digital marketer and business developer, supporting companies in various industries. In addition to this, Jakub has experience working as a consultant for EdTech, a company with over 250k users. Furthermore, he has now started to work in the Venture Capital industry as an investment analyst dealing directly with the challenges of innovative technology companies.

Karolina Tądel

Healthtech Project Manager

Karolina is a medical university graduate who combines her knowledge with the world of business. She is passionate about MedTech startups and innovation focused on improving medical care. Critical thinking and high analytical skills allow her to effectively verification of medical fake news. She worked in a pharmaceutical company and medical startups as a product manager and lead researcher. Privately, she engages in many projects and creates an educational platform for women's health.