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Case Study


Brand24 is a powerful yet affordable tool for real-time social media monitoring and analytics. Besides, it is one of the most known tools for social media listening. They are designed to keep track of online conversations about your brand and products. Brand24 collects real-time social data from millions of sources. Brand24 is a public listed company on the WSE.

Business Details:


Social Media Analytics


USA, Poland




4 weeks from kickoff call to report delivery

Client’s Goal:

To understand the market of customized reports based on social media

Research scope:

competition mapping, product research

“The conclusions that were found in the analysis are very valuable. Identified competitive weaknesses were also very useful insights.”

Michał Sadowski, CEO at Brand24


  • List of 50 companies
    that operate in the social media listening and analytics segments.
  • Deep analysis of crucial competitors
    focused on understanding their products, offerings, pricing, USP, customer opinions, and practices.

Benefit for the client:

  • Support of strategic decision with relevant data
  • Reduced valuable time of CEO and key employees
  • Tested important hypotheses
    in a short period to decide on the direction of a product development

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