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Case Study


Intelliseq is a Polish biotech company that provides bioinformatics tools for genomic-based medicine. Their SaaS platform - IntelliseqFlow transforms raw DNA data into complete reports with clinical insights. Their solution can be dedicated to clinical customers such as physicians, genetic analysts, and consultants involved in diagnosing genetic diseases.

Business Details:








6 weeks from kickoff call to effects delivery

Client’s Goal:

We were going to focus on a US market overview and agreed to analyze the marketing terms of: - potential customers - potential R&D cooperation areas - competitive services

Research scope:

Explore all market segments, map the competition and its offer, identify business partners.

"DiveInData helped us to identify potential clients. They provide regular updates on their work and are available when needed, we really appreciate it! If you need meticulous and comprehensive market research services, we can recommend DiveinData as your go-to partner!"

Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana, Business Development Director


We identified nearly 80 companies in the indicated sector - customergenetics.

We prepared a list of 23 pharmaceutical companies with a description oftheir focus areas and potential R&D or startup collaborations. Last but notleast, we analyzed US medical universities, their labs, and staff to identifytheir research interests and areas of potential cooperation.

Our support goal was to accelerate/speed up the process of acquiring new customers and business partners.

Benefit for the client:

  • Boosting the process of identifying potential new customers and business partners
  • Time savings for the key employees, instead of searching for partners, they can focus on contacting them.
  • A better understanding of the US biotech market

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