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Case Study

Report of FoodTech

This report was created for Venture INC- the fund focused on providing support for projects that operate in the software model, from various sectors at all stages of development. Despite their focus on software companies, they have a broad investment policy and see great value in the protein substitute segment. Their portfolio includes projects from the medtech, biotech, martech and gaming sectors.

Business Details:




Poland, Central and Eastern Europe





Client’s Goal:

We were going to analyze current state of FoodTech and the alternative protein industry globally and within Europe. This report was created during the search for investment opportunities within the FoodTech sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

Research scope:

The following report mainly focuses on the food tech segment that produces substitutes for animal-based foods (meat and dairy) and develops new approaches to existing food products.

Foodtech in Europe and globally has a bright future ahead [...]

Michał Piosik Co-founder


Our main goal was to show this industry and potential for business partners. This report is based on desk research, interviews with experts and companies representing the industry, as well as data collected from surveyed Polish entrepreneurs.

Benefit for the client:

  • A better understanding of the FoodTech.
  • Delivered a structured report that can be used as a summ up of market information .
  • Extra publication, which also contains a database of companies, accelerators, and VC funds focused on the FoodTech industry operating in Poland and worldwide. 
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