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The cybersecurity landscape in Poland - where are we?

Cybersecurity is a vast topic, and it is one that affects us all. Every day, we receive new reports of cyber attacks on both public entities (government offices and public facilities, etc.) as well as private entities (large corporations and small companies alike, including private individuals). There is a lot of information in the media about the technical aspects of cybersecurity; industry experts regularly publish market reports describing this.

At the same time, there is also a lack of business perspective on this topic, one which takes into account the conditions of the industry. In this report, we discuss how the cybersecurity market in Poland is developing, including the challenges that it faces, and the obstacles that it needs to overcome. We also describe some interesting business entities from Poland that have excellent prospects for the future.

Size and growth dynamics 

Of course, the Polish market for cybersecurity solutions differs significantly from that of giants like the American or Chinese markets, at least in terms of size. However, when we adopt a regional perspective, then we can see that the Polish market is one of the largest in Europe (operating at the same level as countries like Spain or Italy). The estimated size of the Polish cybersecurity market in 2019 was approximately USD 1.34 billion.

In 2019, the cybersecurity market showed fast growth dynamics (+ 14.3% y/y). Nevertheless, during the following year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a collapse and decrease in the value of the entire market by -4.7% y/y. The decrease was driven by cost cuts and frozen spending budgets. A rebound and return to an upward path have been forecasted for the coming years. By 2025, the market growth rate should reach, around, 10% y/y again.

Characteristic features of the Polish market

  • The vast majority of the analyzed companies have their headquarters in large cities, such as Warsaw (21 companies), Wrocław (8), Kraków (7), Poznań (7) and the Silesian metropolitan area (7 companies). Nevertheless, smaller cities are also represented; there is considerable geographic diversity.

  • Most Polish companies specialize primarily in services, particularly those that help to ensure security against cyber attacks (security audits, pen-tests, and locating sensitive spots within the IT infrastructure of the company). Other specializations include products and solutions in data security (e.g., backup and recovery), identity access management (e.g., data encryption and secure user login), and infrastructure protection.

Industry opportunities and threats

The Polish Cybersecurity Market report shows that two-thirds of the surveyed companies from the Polish cybersecurity industry consider market awareness regarding the seriousness of the problem to be very low. Most companies do not see

 the need to protect against a potential attack, nor do they consider it one of the greatest barriers to the development of their company.

Difficulties finding qualified employees and a lack of sufficient capital for development were also frequently mentioned challenges in the report.

Regarding development opportunities, three-quarters of the survey respondents considered acquiring appropriate contacts and recommendations on foreign markets the most crucial part of achieving success on a global scale. Another important factor was also obtaining capital for development and, interestingly, the preferred source was private capital (VC funds and angel investors, etc.).


The Polish cybersecurity market is still in the initial stages of development. Similar to situations in other countries, cybersecurity is dominated by service companies. Few companies are able to offer products that have a real chance of success on the global market. There are many reasons for this and the most significant ones include: lack of adequate capital and know-how necessary to develop high-quality products that can compete with foreign players.

Nevertheless, timing and trends will favor the further development of this sector, both within Poland and globally. The market is maturing and becoming more aware that implementing cybersecurity solutions is not a luxury but a necessity. Those who best understand the client's needs and address them will win this race, and there is plenty to fight for.

A full version of the report can be found here.

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